2022 Reflections-2023 Goals

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As we wind down 2022 we are once again sharing our FREE Goals and Reflections activity to create a moment to connect with your child (and yourself, adults can do this too!)

Something magical happened for us last year when we applied this in our home and if you care to hear about it, read on....

When I was young we "wished upon a star" when we wanted something and as sweet as it sounds, it's not very action oriented. Wishing for things is just the beginning step, if you don't know what to do with that wish, it stays a wish and can easily turn into disappointment if it never comes true. That disappointment can turn into feelings of defeat and then turn into "why bother" because feeling like your wishes never come true over and over again doesn't motivate you to keep trying. 

Seeing your (or your child's) wishes on paper helps first make a commitment to them but it also allows you as their caregiver to understand what they want to achieve and you can coach them along to help them realize their wishes. This is the action part! How to make your wishes a reality. 

Last year when we went over this activity with my two children, I learned that my then 4th grader wanted to be on his school's morning TV show. That job is reserved for 5th graders and he wanted to make sure he tried to get a spot for the next school year. He and I talked about how he could make this possible. I coached him to let the faculty member who oversees the show know that he would like to be considered for the next year when he was in 5th grade. So, he had a meeting with the faculty member and told them his wish. It turned out that the faculty member was retiring at the end of that school year and was looking for two 4th graders to hop on board the show for the last semester so that they could train the incoming people the following year. My son was chosen immediately to be on the show and his wish/goal came quicker than he anticipated. Had he not let me know his goal, he would not have had a plan to approach the teacher and could have lost the opportunity. 

Creating connecting moments is a great way to hear what your child has going on in their lives and show them how to add that 'action' piece after the wish to help realize their goals.

 Get your Goals and Reflections pages here 

We hope you find an example how this works for you in the next year~ Reach out and let us know what happens!

Happy New Year!


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