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The Raise Collection was founded on 3 guiding principles:

  1. To create really fun, bold, and optimistic items for children and families that inspire a positive feeling and others will feel good when seeing them.
  2. To promote confidence and acceptance in ourselves and others
  3. To invest 10% of our profits in a stronger future by sponsoring  enrichment education programs for America’s youth.

Recently through our social media, a parent friend posted about a close friend of theirs whose new school year had started off on the wrong foot. Her 9 year old daughter, whom we will refer to as BK, has dwarfism and encountered some student peers who struggled with their own uncertainty of people’s differences and expressed themselves inappropriately and unkindly. Naturally, this left BK feeling uncomfortable about attending school and anxious about repeatedly being put in this situation with her peers. 

Our belief at The Raise Collection is that there is a place for everyone. Everyone has something that makes them unique. We celebrate those differences by encouraging people to own what makes them who they are and to always be authentic. Once you own and feel comfortable with yourself, you accept others for who they are. And if you encounter people who struggle expressing themselves appropriately (as in the case of BK) it affects you less and less because you are content being who you are.  

We reached out to BK’s family and told them of our brand and our mission and asked if she’d like to model with us. We were so delighted to hear an exuberant “YES!” and quickly set up our session. It was a very special afternoon for us because we saw first hand how much fun BK was having wearing our pieces, playing in them, and feeling so confident. The evidence was in her posture and expressions. Within a public setting with other children around,  BK had a glow about her and was very comfortable about having a camera following her snapping pictures and doing silly poses. It was clear to us that BK is connected with her true authentic self. 

We did a Q & A session so we could get to know her a little more. When we get to know people, we have more commonalities and connection points than we think. Everyone is different but where we can connect is where our strengths are. Here is more about BK that she’d like to share:

What is your favorite color? Blue

What makes you happy? Being with Friends

What do you like to do for fun? Go swimming and doing dance competitions

What is the most memorable place you have visited? Boston

What do you like about school? All the subjects I learn

Describe your perfect school? The teachers are nice and I would see friends

What do you want to learn? Cursive

What do you want people to know about you? That I am the same as others

Name 3 favorite things about yourself: I am nice, I am funny and I have a lot of love. I love my family and my friends

This school year, her family has decided to do virtual learning so that BK can focus on her studies without distraction and to preserve her emotional health until she is ready to go back into a traditional collective learning environment. If we had one wish for BK it's that she gets as many esteemable opportunities as she can. When she does go back to school when people look in her direction, she’ll be confident that it is not because they see difference, but they see her power. 

You’ll be seeing more of BK throughout our pages and we are thrilled to have her with us!!!

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