But I'm only one person! Can I really make a difference?

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Do you sometimes think that you're just one person and that you can't make a huge impact? Did you ever wonder if you make a difference on others? I'd like to tell you that you do! YOU do! The Raise Collection firmly believes EVERYONE has influence; whether it's wearing clothes that make you feel confident, buying a gift that makes someone feel good, being yourself and doing what make you happy, showing up for those you care about, supporting your friends when they take risks, doing the right thing even when no one is looking; those things other people notice and the positivity that comes from it breaks through, you just may not see it. BUT IT IS THERE! 

The Raise Collection was started with the idea that great things can happen when people come together- it starts with 1 Aunt who buys her niece or nephew something to wear, a Mom who wants to keep her children safe so she buys our bold bright prints to keep an eye on them, the Grandmother who buys one of our positive message posters to remind her grandchildren they are loved and supported just as they are, or the Parent who is a lover of prints and fun graphics who wants something FUN for their children to wear that no other brand is doing. All of these "one persons" add up and make an impact~ that impact travels beyond hitting the "pay now" button and beyond that "thank you". Here's how:

You may have heard that recently we helped fund a 3rd grade field trip to a safari park. We'd like to share with you the letter we received from the teacher, Mr. Garcia who was the recipient of our support:


Dear The Raise Collection,

On behalf of the 3rd grade students and teachers here at the Academy of Math and Science Glendale, I would like to say thank you. Thank you for providing these students with the opportunity to travel to Camp Verde, Arizona to experience the Out of Africa Safari Park! It was truly a special event that will not only support their science fair animal research projects, but one that they will hold in their memories for years to come.

For many of these students, this was their very first ever field trip as their last "normal" year of school was kindergarten. The supplies will help the students take what they saw and turn them into dioramas that accurately represent their animal's real habitat. Additionally, the snacks and sun screen that were sent were very much appreciated by all who attended. We even have enough leftover to have some snacks for our field day events coming up.

Again I can't help but thank you for your generous support of our classroom. It was because of you that my students were able to have this wonderful experience. Thank you for donating!

With gratitude,
Mr. Garcia

This field trip and this opportunity for those students happened because of the many "one persons" who shopped The Raise Collection. Together we are a COLLECTION of people who RAISE possibilities that better educate the future. 

This is the importance of social impact brands. When you buy something that you'd normally already purchase, a portion of your dollars gets added with others and you get a significant return. In our case the return is students who get experiences, introduced to new subjects, get resources to help them learn, and a teacher/administrator/parent who has an idea to make learning fun gets their program off the ground. All of this leads to confident students, impactful doers, imaginative thinkers, and future leaders that we need. 

Thanks for being a part of our mission!

Jessica Chavez, Founder and Creative Director (The Raise Collection) 

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