Ending on a "Good Note!"

Posted by Jessica Chavez on

In many areas of the United States, the 2021-2022 school year is coming to a close~ What a year! 

We LOVE providing fun FREE downloadable items to share. We are ending the school year with 2 printables for your child/student.

First, we created trading cards to print on card stock to cut out and hand to classmates and friends. Have your student sign the back or provide a phone number and contact info to plan those summer playdates. These cards are really cute and unexpected~after all, they spent a lot of time together this year. To download your trading cards, click here

Secondly, we have a guided "THANK YOU" sheet for your student to fill out for their teacher. This activity is good for most development levels because the prompts encourage your child to engage whether they can write or not (you can transcribe on their behalf), they can respond to the questions and recall their memories of the year. Who doesn't love a little reminder of what made this school year memorable for students and the impact that grade has had in their educational journey. This is an easy option for any grade and sure to be loved by their teacher. To download this sheet, click here

*in some cases you may have to check the "fit to print" box in your printer settings for best results*

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