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The Raise Collection goes Grandmillenial!

Yes, that's a thing- Did you know?

We have partnered with blogger/influencer, Grace Hamlin, who plays around with the Grandmillenial style;  mixing in classic, fun, homey decor to her feed. If you aren't following Grace, please check her out. She's one of the more prolific voices in the Blogosphere if you ask me. Grace weaves in and out of travel, style, home decor, entertaining, etiquette, AND (what I sink my teeth into) hot topics in the world of justice, body image, confidence, deep progressive self care, and so much more. Additionally, Grace is a former school educator with a cool history in how she got there and how it opened her eyes to a greater perspective in a big way. The beauty of Grace is that she hits on the headlines with an approachable voice, matter of fact, and a succinctness that enlightens. I see her as the guiding light in her cohort~ her followers come to her page when a big event happens and I see how important her words become to them in a manner of pragmatism with hope and optimism. In other words, she's the real deal using her platform to reach a variety of people. It's what's kept me coming back!

I had an idea to collaborate and I reached out to create a print for her and her audience in her style and the style her followers come to her for. As a designer, I love challenging myself and I have worked with clients for years in different markets so the collaborative process is one that I am very comfortable with. I wanted to see what kind of impact we could make together on the students in our country. With Grace living in that world as an educator, I trusted she knew the challenges that students face to have access to needful resources, the challenges teachers face with getting funding for their great ideas and just how important an education is for our youth and how it will impact our country in the future. To me, this was a dreamy project and I'm so excited to say it's here!

We have created a fun festive winter print for Grace so that you can have a bit of her style for yourselves and take part with us to make an impact on education enrichment. I have entrusted Grace with choosing where our 10% will go! Can't wait to see what she chooses.

Find her here:

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