How We Keep Planet Conscious in Our Everyday Practice

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If you follow us on social media you will have seen we posted every day the last week of April (Earth Month) all the various ways we keep the planet in mind while we operate our business. 

We will summarize our key points here in case you missed it. Our quest as a social impact company is important to our core values while not harming the planet in the process. We model wonderful ways to keep up with trends in sustainability, fashion, and raising earth conscious children.

1) 📦We use triangular cardboard boxes for posters to eliminate plastic end caps on the tube mailer option.

♻️We also use poly mailers with instructions on how to recycle them.
The eco-poly mailers consisting of at least 30% recycled plastic for apparel orders.
♻️We use packaging made of post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics. PCR plastics are made from items people recycle every day, like plastic bags and bottles. Most of our PCR plastics are made from shopping bags and wrapping films.
🌎The amount of PCR in the packaging differs but it’s at least 50% for the outside (white or grey) poly mailer bags and at least 30% for the inside (clear) bags used in multi-item shipments. PCR packaging protects the products just as well as virgin plastic bags, and they look almost the same. However, choosing PCR over virgin plastics reduces the environmental impact plastic has on our planet.
2) 👕For our T-shirts we use WaterBased vegan inks that are Oeko-Tex certified.
👖Our allover printed items (leggings, swimwear, blankets, etc) are also Oeko-Tex certified. This certification is an Independent partner who institutes test textiles and leather for harmful substances at all processing levels and certify the environmentally and socially responsible production conditions of production facilities.
📲Our phone cases and posters are GREENGUARD Gold certified, which means the ink meets the gold certification for building materials, finishes, and furnishings.
3) We only make products when an order is placed, limiting our stock to items that already have a buyer. This lets us avoid the overproduction that is widespread in the rest of the industry.  Unsold stock from bigger retailers is usually thrown out or burned, with fashion retailers alone wasting 92 million tons of textiles each year. 🔥
4) We note that all of our items are free of animal products.
We use certified organic cotton on our tote bags. They are GOTS certified which means they meet the Global Organic Textile Standard.
5) We help YOU cut down on your personal waste.
👖If you notice, in many of our legging styles, we incorporate a decorative border at the ankle. Since children often grow UP faster than their frames fill OUT, our leggings can still be worn into capri length without looking “too short”. With an intentional band that’s part of the design our garments have a longer life.
Our leggings have multi functional options to be worn in water and through all seasons. Take your leggings from summer into fall, winter and beyond.
We make it possible to shop our collection with less guilt and concern on how we personally affect our planet. On top of all this, we still dedicate profits to help fund education enrichment programs 📚🎨🎭. It’s part of a Good begets Good cycle we want you to be proud to be a part of. It’s not just clothes with The Raise Collection; it’s responsible, it’s socially impactful, and it’s confidence building.
Positive message posters invite and reinforce acceptance in individuals. They help promote optimism while decorating your playrooms, child's bedroom or classrooms. Super soft plush blankets made from environmentally friendly processes not only provide warmth for couch snuggles, but their bold bright prints add a statement to any room, tree house or play tent! Wherever your imagination takes you, our blankets make a great accessory.Organic Cotton totes are great gifts for anyone who matters in your life. They work for farmers markets, grocery shopping, trips  to the beach, library, and any modes of travel to have items at the ready.

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