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I checked my email last evening to see we received a message from Ms. Madison from Kate Sullivan Elementary School in Tallahassee, Florida, regarding an update to her "Dig Deeper into Reading" program we helped get off the ground. We will share her message below because, after all, if you support The Raise Collection YOU are an important partner of the WE of this equation in getting these programs going. 

Dear The Raise Collection,

They say "there's nothing like a good book." And it's true. Books can take us to places we could never imagine. Once all of the state testing is finished, as a class we will begin reading the book "Out of my Mind." This book is writing in the point of view of someone with disabilities. As students learn, it's important to expose them to people with differences. My goal for this novel study will to allow my students to connect with it on a social and emotional level. This study would not be possible without your support. Thank you!

With gratitude,
Ms. Madison

Out of My Mind is a fictional novel written by author Sharon Draper (pictured at the blog post) about a girl with cerebral palsy. It has a reader recommendation age of 10 and up (approx. grades 5-8) 

We just had to celebrate Ms. Madison's motivation to creatively reach her students especially with a book which has a first person point of view of someone with varying levels of ability to introduce her students to the concept of acceptance and relating to people with differences.

This is TRULY what motivates us with our mission at The Raise Collection and we are honored to help Ms. Madison. If ever we needed a sign to keep pushing forward with our social impact goals, Ms. Madison just gave us a boost! 

 Out of My Mind spent over three years as a New York Times Best Seller and is one of TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential Books of all time. Author, Sharon Draper, has received the Coretta Scott King Award for 2 other books and the Charlotte Huck Award for another novel. 

This book can be purchased at most book sellers or checked out through your local libraries.

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