Not all boys wear jeans

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"Mom, these jeans feel yuck, take them off!" 
"OK, how about these joggers?"
"They're too swishy!"
"Hmmm, how about these leggings and you can wear them under athletic shorts?"
"Well, who put that in your head?" 
Both my daughter and son do not like the restrictive feeling of denim- even the styles with stretch. We have noticed that what's sold in stores to boys is a great alternative to sweatpants known as joggers but they're loose. To some, that feeling is OK, better than jeans, but not quite right. Some crave a hugging fit that lets you move your body without resistance. 
One thing we don't talk about enough is just how unique our children can be. Everyone is different and our differences are beautiful. Owning our differences might be hard to do when we just want to fit in; when we want our children to fit in. But what if we stop looking for them to fit in and aim for acceptance for who they are and how they are. Some kids have different preferences. Making decisions based on preferences should be a natural choice without having to be self conscious about what others are wearing/doing/thinking. This is inclusion and learning to own our true authentic selves. This is our goal at The Raise Collection. 
While we are at it making fun, bold, and optimistic designs, we decided to invest in our target market by setting aside 10% of our profits to establish our mission for each child to feel supported in who they are. Words only go so far on a t-shirt, we are set to actualize support. 
If you're curious about our unisex leggings, head to our section for Little Kids here:
The  great thing about clothing and style is there are no rules. Go for it if it feels right! 
Thanks for stopping by and thank you for being you~

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