One Year!

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It has been ONE YEAR since I anxiously hit the "publish" button on this website and went live! I had no idea what would happen but I was willing to find out; success or no success, sometimes we just need to give it a shot. Of course it's intimidating to make an exclamation publicly but there are so many variables and moving parts doing a project like this that:

1) success is anything you want it to be.

2) one is not the ONLY person who can make a project successful.

3) you start with a goal and change plays along the way until you hit it.

4) you don't know until you know! So, just try.

So, here we are ONE YEAR later: We have picked up some new friends along the way (Hey, BK, I'm looking at you, too!), we were selected to be in actress, singer, author, Jana Kramer's Moms and Babes subscription box, we partnered with a Charter School in Orange, California, AND thanks to those who have supported our line, we have helped 5+ teachers, in the United States' school system get their programs off the ground. YOU and I helped them take their idea to educate students better and implement it, not just for last academic year, but (all but one) program is applicable into future years!

In doing so, YOU and I have positively affected approximately 337 students of diverse socio-economic & racial and ethnic backgrounds within our own country! We have applied change in these focus areas: Health & Sports, Math & Science, Literacy & Language, Applied Learning, and Special Needs. These students have received advantages in academic support because of items sold through our e-Commerce store. 

We are doing REAL things together. It is truly amazing that taking profit and passing it on for GOOD has real solid impact on the minds of the future leaders we depend on. It starts now, it starts in school, and it starts by supporting small endeavors that grow. 

One entire 3rd grade class was able to go on a field trip because of some t-shirts, leggings, mugs, blankets, towels, and hats. Those students were able to experience their education outside of the classroom structure. Those are memories that last. Those students were supported.

If these sort of things excite you, I hope you take advantage of our 20% OFF SALE on the entire website. No discount code needed with unlimited uses until it expires. It's automatic at check out for a limited time only. This is the biggest reduction we have offered and it may not come back. We are soon revamping some behind the scenes logistics that may not make a reduction this large possible again.

We are offering it as a THANK YOU for being here and for wanting to be part of what we're doing. But hey, if this isn't for you, would you share with your network? The more people who know what we're doing, the better chance we have to keep this up.

Let's not let this end.....

- Jessica Chavez, Founder and Creative Director 

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