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This week closes National Small Business Week AND Teacher Appreciation Week. Since The Raise Collection is in its 11th month of operation, we are indeed that small business. Our social impact mission is to reach, empower, and support students so that they become the impactful doers, thinkers and future leaders our country needs. We do this through building confidence through our bold and optimistic collection of children's clothing and accessories BUT we also support children by investing right back into them.

On our social channels we showed you ways animals and animal prints are interpreted in our collection. Animals are important in apparel, especially in children's wear. 

elephant prints

To fit this topic and point back to Teacher Appreciation week, recently, we learned of a 3rd grade class who spent their science block researching animals all school year. This class is lead by Mr. Garcia at Academy of Math & Science Glendale in Glendale, Arizona. 

Mr. Garcia was wanting to send groups to a Safari Park to culminate their studies and see the animals up close. One could argue that experience is best teacher and experiential trips are not only memorable as elementary students, but full of information and sensory input that extend beyond the classroom. When a school has robust support, field trips are expected. When a school has limited resources, field trips are luxury. We are beyond thrilled to have played a role in sending Mr. Garcia's 3rd grade students on their very first field trip.  This project reaches 130 students!

Here is the equity focus at Academy of Math and Science: more than 50% of students are Black, Latino, and/or Native American, and more than 50% come from low-income households.

Here is what Mr. Garcia has written to us after receiving our donation to his project: 

"Dear The Raise Collection,

Thank you so much for your continued support of my students! Thanks to your donations my students will get to experience their very first field trip at a Safari Park! We truly cannot thank you enough for your generosity, and I look forward to submitting a thank you package with great pictures.

With gratitude,
Mr. Garcia"

We are ever inspired by teachers who go above and beyond for their students. What a perfect combination of one of those "National_______Week" to have both celebrated in the same week. For us, The Raise Collection, specifically ties together an impact a small business can have, especially on teachers and students.

Thank you to everyone who supports our collection- we are truly doing real things together!


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