Project #6- What is your value?

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What is your value?
We think you're Worth Every Penny (and more!)-
Did you know that according to National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) each occupied seat in a public school in the U.S. is valued at about $13,701 (in 2021)- and still, it requires even more funds to fully reach a student to round out their annual education experience. 
For our 6th program that we sponsored we partnered with Charles Schwab, who matched our dollars at 50%, to fully fund Mrs. Strand's "Building Financial Literacy in Language Arts" program at Braden River Middle School right here in Bradenton, FL. 
Here's what she says about her program, "As a teacher of special needs students, it is imperative that I not only teach them the curriculum, but that I also provide them with lessons and tools that they will be able to use as adults in the working world.
 This year, I am planning to make my class reward system simulate a job. Students will earn "money" each day for being on time to work (my class) and performing to the best of their abilities. On Friday, students will be given time to enter the amount they have earned in their individual registers, and will be given a chance to write a check to me and purchase rewards. Students will use calculators to determine their balance after being "paid" and write a check for rewards. These stickers will be used as items they can purchase. Each student will be provided with a new sheet of cardstock each quarter to put in the clear front pocket of their three-ring binder. They will be able to decorate the cardstock with their stickers and personalize their binders. It is my hope that this will motivate students to attend school regularly, produce quality work, and demonstrate appropriate behavior. All these are critical life skills they will need in the work setting."
We are pleased to support Mrs. Strand's motivation to combine vital lessons of Financial Literacy along with her tutelage of the English Language curriculum. Learning that everything has value (including the seats they’re sitting in) and what that means in the market instills responsibility to show up for themselves to earn, save, and trade in order to advance. Setting students up for success in the future absolutely aligns with our core values at The Raise Collection. Education is a key component to promote confident thinkers, imaginative doers and future leaders that we desperately need. We are committed to helping them get there. 
Want to be part of what we're gaining? View our collection where 10% of our profits on anything in our store goes to help future projects like this! 
Pictured here (by our model who is not part of Mrs. Strand's program) is our:
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