Reflections and Goals

Posted by Jessica Chavez on

So, how was 2021 for you? Your child(ren)? What, you're not sure?
If you are looking for an engaging little activity these last days of 2021, link here to grab our FREE guided REFLECTION page and GOALS sheet for 2022.
These help put to paper the major things that they did, learned, and are grateful for (even the tough lessons). You'll be amazed what sticks out most in their mind. This is true for kids and adults, so print one out for yourself too. It's fun!
You can start with the REFLECTION sheet that helps highlight all the things that made 2021 the year for you. The GOALS sheet is to help set some sights on big things to accomplish as well as goals that are easily achievable while staying present in the new year. The great thing is, you can print and use this GOAL sheet and then come back at the end of 2022 and compare it to that year's REFLECTION page to see how they match up. 
Look, we all have great years, tough years, frustrating times etc. It's easy to focus on what didn't go as planned but there's something magical when seeing it all on paper- seeing what you WERE able to accomplish (big or small) to help motivate and raise yourself up or remind you "WOW, I did pretty great"~
Give it a try! We can't wait to see what you do in 2022~

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