We've helped Fund 4 Education Programs (part 2)

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In the spirit of the winter holidays, we're drawing connections about what it means to show up for others and what miracles can happen we come together in unity. 

Our second project that we sponsored is Mrs. Reyes (Grades 9-12) class at Forest Hill Community Hight School in West Palm Beach, FL. They are part of a larger school that celebrates inclusion. She teaches 3 sessions of Latinos in Action and 2 Spanish sessions. They focus on building relationships, staying with the group, following directions, and accessing general education content in different ways. She feels they are The Change. She needed ink colors and a printer to encourage visual creativity in her outreach projects. Here is what she says about her project: 

"Social Emotional Learning is an important part in my class, I am implementing strategies to made my class [be] inclusive to all. My students love to create things and with this printer machine we will be able to add color to our projects. My students like to [make] gifts for our guest speakers, school personnel, and community members, to give handmade items every time we receive one. Be able to create things, and collaborate with their classmates bring they together. Being a FamiLIA and do things together is what they love the most. Be able to print in colors will be a great addition to our class!" 

She also includes:

Dear The Raise Collection,

I am speechless and thankful for the continuous support from my community, friends, colleagues, and Donors for making this possible. Word can't express how important it is for my students to count on these resources. Happy holidays from my students and myself, and thank you for being the change for my students.

With gratitude,
Mrs. Reyes

Here is the equity focus for Forest Hill Community Hight School in West Palm Beach, FL: More than 3/4 of students come from low income households. At this school, more than 50% of students are Black, Latinx, and/or Native American. 

We hope to see the colorful world they create with their new materials!


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