About Us

The Raise Collection was founded by Jessica Chavez, a textile/print designer and mother of two children. Jessica endeavored to start an after school Spanish program at their elementary school. After approaching their principal with the idea and gaining approval, she worked on finding a mobile Spanish academy to come to their school to introduce the students to the language in preparation for higher grades where foreign language is a requirement. She obtained the necessary paperwork to submit to her county's School Department and made sure the mobile program was in compliance with insurances and protections.  They received the green light and were ready to go.

However, at the last minute, they discovered fees that were required to host the program at the school which, when added to the cost per student, made the Spanish classes unaffordable to parents. The only option at this point would be finding corporate sponsorship. 
Chavez, who has a decade and a half in designing for apparel and consumer products, wondered if there was a company that supported such initiatives within their brand's focus who set reserves aside for proposals like her Spanish program. There were none that she could find. 
Knowing that she was not unique and certain other parents in other locations most likely had ideas that they'd like to bring to their schools to enrich their own students, Jessica decided to create The Raise Collection to ensure there was a resource to go to and help sponsor those goals. What better way to positively influence today's youth and future of our world than through raising the possibility of what parents can do when we come together.