Fabric Care

We recommend following the care instructions on each garment tag to ensure the life of the garment. This includes but is not limited to washing machine and dryer heat temperature settings. We DO NOT recommend putting swimwear, rash guards/stretch tops, or leggings in the dryer. In all cases, we suggest washing garments inside out.

We don't recommend putting camp mugs in the dishwasher and obviously we don't recommend their use in microwaves.

*Please note for the fabric used for our Swimwear, Leggings and Stretch Tops/Rash Guards: contact with rough abrasive surfaces such as stone, asphalt, cement, stucco, concrete, pavement, and velcro fasteners should be avoided since they can pull out the white fibers in the fabric affecting the garment's appearance.

*Color hues may have slight differences from piece to piece. We make every effort to precisely color match.